SIMPLE INVESTING – A Stock Investor’s Handbook [Amazon Kindle]


Learn to Find and Pick High-Conviction Multibagger Stocks

Stock-selection and monitoring need not be a tedious job. Learn to pick high-conviction stocks and make outrageous gains.

No. of Pages.: 196

Who is this book for?

This book is a COMPREHENSIVE guide and handbook for any person looking to learn to pick and invest in stocks like a professional and get outrageous returns on their investments.

Any person interested in educating himself/herself with the step-by-step process of picking high-conviction stocks by shortlisting companies and analyzing their profitability, valuation, operational efficiency, management, competitive strengths etc will benefit from this book. Other than the technical aspects, readers will also gain knowledge about the right mindset when investing in equities. Also, readers will get valuable insights into the approach followed by the best investors the world has ever seen viz. Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, Seth Klarman, Philip Fisher, etc.

What will I learn from this book?

The reader of this book will learn to:

  • have the right psychology required for successful stock investing.
  • measure his/her own risk appetite.
  • shortlist quality companies based on minimum required conditions.
  • analyze the various metrics to establish the conviction in a company.
  • build a great stock portfolio.
  • monitor portfolio by investing 5 minutes daily.
  • follow the approach of the world’s top investors.

Last Updated: November, 2018

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