I have made an effort to answer all the general queries about our Mutual Funds Advisory service in the respective pages. However, there are some miscellaneous questions that I am asked very often and I felt that I should answer them on a separate page. So below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions from our prospective clients.

Do you guarantee any minimum returns? / What returns can I expect?
I do not promise any minimum returns. I expect that my clients understand the uncertainties involved in capital markets and be fully aware of the risks that are incorporated while investing in these markets. PaisaPub does not guarantee any returns or capital protection. But I make sure that I provide my clients the best services in the industry and to do everything in my hands to take good care of the money that my clients invest relying on their faith in me. I make sure that I take as much care of my clients’ money as I would do if my own money was involved.

Also, the returns would depend on your risk profile i.e. the responses to the initial questionnaire which I ask my clients to fill. If your risk capacity is found to be low, I would recommend most funds to you that I think would have limited downside, but such funds generally have limited upside as well.

The returns would depend, among other factors, on the overall markets as well. So, if the overall markets are laggard for a period you can’t expect your equity funds investments to remain unaffected by the negative sentiments in the market (although I take measures to beat the market returns at all times).

Do you offer any refunds?
No. Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.
Are there any minimum investment requirements?
Although we do not have any minimum investment criterion for our clients we strongly recommend that our clients have a minimum free cash of ₹ 2 to 3 lacs. The more free cash a prospective investor has the better it is as this will allow them to maximize their chances of gaining substantial returns and to maximize the benefits of subscribing to our services. By ‘free cash’ I mean money that you believe you would not need in the next 2 years.
Is there a minimum investment period?
I think long-term and encourage my clients to think long-term as well, at least when investing in equity funds. Most investors lose money in securities markets because they aim for short-term returns. I understand that it takes time for investments to grow. I, therefore, recommend that my clients give time to their portfolios to grow. By ‘long-term’ I mean any period from 3 months to 3 years. For debt funds, short-term investments can also be considered.
Do you rely on third-party research?
I do not rely on any third-party research. I am a Chartered Accountant and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and do my own screening and research. The main reason for this is I am comfortable in recommending only those funds that I believe in.
Will I get an invoice when I subscribe?
Of course, you will get a proper invoice emailed to you withing 48 hours of subscribing.
What will be the mode of communication?
The general mode of communication would be email throughout the subscription period. All the reports, updates, recommendations etc. would be sent from the email id admin@paisapub.in. In case of any emergency, you can contact us via other modes as well viz. call, chat, contact form etc.
Will you charge any performance fee?
No. The fee quoted and finalized initially at the time of subscription is the only fee we would charge.

I have done my best to answer all the generally asked questions about our Mutual Funds Advisory service on this page. If you still have any queries you can leave a message on the chat box on the bottom right on your screen or contact us via any mode mentioned on our contact page.

Happy Investing!!