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Most of us must have heard about Mutual Funds. They are funds where we can invest our money which the fund managers invest into stocks and bonds according to the objectives of the fund. According to the nature of the instruments they invest in, there are majorly two kinds of mutual funds viz. debt funds and equity funds. There are various sub-classifications of each of them. There are large-cap, small-cap and multi-cap funds, sectoral funds, tax-saving funds, balanced funds, liquid funds, tax-saving funds (ELSS) etc. Mutual Funds are one of the most rewarding investment options that we have. Their historic returns justify that we invest a part of our savings into mutual funds  – both for short-term and long-term objectives. Mutual Funds score well on various fronts such as –

 – MFs helps in beating inflation and thus helps in protecting the purchasing power of our savings

 – MFs are managed by expert fund managers which allows us to earn market-beating returns

 – Non-sectoral MFs are diversified which aids protection against possible downside risk

 – Open-ended MFs are liquid in nature which facilitates easy access to money in case we need it

– MFs save us the time and effort of stock-selection

You can read more about the advantages of mutual funds by reading my article here.

These advantages make Mutual Funds an ideal investment instrument for planning and achieving one’s financial goals and to create wealth systematically.


Most investors in India are still not aware of the power of Mutual funds. The various types of funds confuse them and they end up investing in the wrong funds or don’t even bother about investing in them. This puts them in a disadvantageous position when it comes to planning their investments to reach their goals like –

  • retirement planning
  • saving for child’s education,
  • saving for child’s marriage,
  • saving for buying a house,
  • saving for taking a foreign vacation, or
  • creating wealth for the future, etc.

Fund selection and allocating a correct proportion of savings into each fund is still a complicated task for most investors. A systematic guidance is needed that can help investors plan the investments of their savings.

Our Mutual Fund Advisory service is designed to help investors make the most of their savings and achieve their financial goals, whatever they may be.

I assist investors in getting their KYC done, analyzing their existing mutual fund portfolios, making a suitable investment plan for them and monitor their portfolios regularly for ensuring that they achieve their financial goals.

Note: We are an independent research firm and are not affiliated to any fund house. So the recommendations provided by us are completely unbiased and are made only with the objective of fulfilling the desired goals of the clients.



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