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  • Businessmen / Professionals, or
  • Post-graduate Employees


Equity, I believe, is the best source of creating wealth in the long-term. If one buys stocks of great companies that are expected to do exceptionally well in future, one can grow his/her wealth exponentially. The problem, however, is that stock markets are treated today more like a casino than a wealth-creation tool. Over 90% of the people who put their money in stock markets lose their money and the primary reason is that they treat a company’s stock as just a name or ticker. They hear some tip or news, buy (or short-sell) and expect the stock to move in the favorable direction instantly. The fact is that this does not happen most of the time and the ‘investor’ is forced to take his/her money out of the market at a loss. Then the investor curses the stock markets and loses faith in it. Investors need to realize that the purpose of stock markets is to give an opportunity to the public to use their savings and grow wealth (and not speculating). [Click HERE to read about my investment philosophy in detail.]


I offer to you my EQUITY ADVISORY service which aims at advising investors about investments in stocks, helping them to make a portfolio of the best stocks that suit their requirements, financial goals, and risk capacity, and managing their portfolios to maximize returns and minimize losses. Whether you want to

  • invest all your capital at once, want to invest as and when capital is available, or want to invest a particular amount every month,
  • want to invest in high risk – high return, moderate risk – moderate return or low risk – low return stocks,
  • want to invest in hidden gems and aim for multibagger returns
  • get your existing equity portfolio critically reviewed and redesign it for maximum gains

I can help you make the best equity investments as per your requirements.

I assess the investor’s risk capacity and goals at the outset by asking them to fill a risk-profiling questionnaire, and thereafter give my recommendations accordingly, taking the investor’s requirements into consideration. Thereafter, I track their investments and give fresh entry and exit calls with the aim of maximizing the returns. In case, the investor intends to invest more amount into their portfolios, I make fresh recommendations or ask them to invest more in stocks I have already recommended.

Note: PaisaPub’s Equity Advisory service is not a portfolio management service. Although I recommend and thereafter manage the stock portfolios of my clients, I do not manage their money. I recommend a customized portfolio, but the decision to follow or reject my recommendations rests with the investor. In other words, I do not invest on behalf of my clients. The investments are done by them on my recommendations.


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