My name is Vikram Narsaria and I am the founder and owner of I am a Chartered Accountant, with a passion for investments – equity markets and mutual funds in particular. I am also a SEBI registered Investment Adviser and possess extensive experience in investing and consulting.

I strongly believe that India is the place for investors today to put their money in. I consider this generation of Indians to be fortunate to be living in an era where there is so much opportunity to grow wealth. I consider equity markets to be full of choices and opportunities. There are around 5000 companies listed on NSE/BSE and the stocks of quite a few of them are still trading at less than what they should be trading at. I believe in identifying such companies and investing in those companies to build wealth. I have done extensive research on what works and does not work when it comes to investing [and my track record of identifying undervalued companies justify my approach].

Nifty crossed 10000 in July 2017 and it was a considered as a milestone for India’s financial markets. I believe that this is just the beginning and Indian economy would grow at an unstoppable pace in the coming decade. There would be a few jitters every now and then but the overall scope for growing wealth in India is tremendous. I feel Nifty might well cross the 35000 mark by 2030. This is the time to get on the ship if you want to sail in the financial markets. Good times await us ahead. One only needs to realize this fact and think ahead of time. This is the time to invest in great companies and funds.

I believe that investing is as much an art as it is science. Although I do not consider identifying investment opportunities to be rocket science, I still believe that a potential investor should either spend a significant amount of time to study the company in which he/she wants to put into his/her hard-earned money or take the help of a qualified professional who he/she can trust.

More than 90% of the people who put their money in stock markets lose their capital and instances of people getting ruined is common in stock markets as well. The main reason for this is lack of proper education about the principles that govern stock markets and a lack of proper guidance regarding investments. Most people consider stock markets as a place for placing ‘bets’ and this perception is what I aim to change. I want to educate the citizens of this nation about the magical effect (in a positive sense of course) that stock markets can have on their financial life and thus on their overall well-being. I wish to be their guide on their journey to a wonderful and prosperous financial life.

You can learn more about my philosophy of investment and stock selection by visiting our Investment Philosophy and Investment Methodology pages.

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Happy Investing!!




(Mr. Vikram Narsaria is a Registered Investment Adviser with SEBI with Registration Number: INA300010734. A copy of Registration Certificate is given hereunder.)


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